analytics and bug tracking
for Python apps

Cross-platform and real-time with bug reports and offline tracking.
As simple as including the module.

import nucleus
nucleus.app_id = "yourAppId"

nucleus.track('view_opened', {
    "name": "settings"
Visit the docs for more information on the module.

How can Nucleus help you?


Gather data on who is using your app and how, using custom events.

Bug reports

Collect errors and crashes occuring in your app in real-time.

And more

Alert your users on updates, serve a JSON file and more.

As they say, you can’t improve what you don’t measure.
Report custom data and see in real-time who is using your app.

See uncaught exceptions as they are happening, get a stack trace.
Improve user experience, retention and satisfaction.

Nucleus is always improving.
Alert your users on new updates and send JSON data to your app.

Works with your favorite libraries

No matter if you're using Tkinter, QT, wxWidgets or no GUI library at all Nucleus will integrate flawlessly with your Python app. In a matter of minutes, not days.

Nucleus will give you data to improve your app and make happier users.

Everything you need to
understand and assist your users.

Bug reporting

Detect bugs as they happen to improve your app accordingly.

User tracking

Track specific users and their actions through your app.

Real-time data

See who are the users actively using your app right now.

Track events (with data)

Track actions in your app with events and remark unusual behaviors.

Offline support

Bugs and analytics data will be captured offline and synced as soon as online.

Designed for Python

Use the module to start tracking your app with only an app id. That easy.

It's time to understand and improve
your customer journey.

30-day free trial to try Nucleus

Hobby $ 19.00 / month 1k monthly users 20k monthly events Track up to 3 apps 12-month data history Start 30-day trial
Startup $ 99.00 49.00 / month 20k monthly users 1M monthly events Unlimited apps 24-month data history 1-day support Start 30-day trial
Business $ 249.00 / month 50k daily users Unlimited events 5-year data history Concierge integration Start 30-day trial

Have different needs? Want a self-hosted version? Contact us [email protected]

Monthly users limit is across all your apps

Start monitoring your app today

Start 30-day free trial

Get started now and you can cancel at any time.


What data is collected?

We list all the data collected on this page.

If I'm not happy, can I cancel my subscription?

Of course, you can cancel anytime from your dashboard if you are not satisfied. If you cancel during the trial you won't be billed.

Is my data safe with Nucleus?

Communications between your app and Nucleus are done with SSL. We don't use your data for anything else than the service and you can ask us anytime that all your data be erased from our servers. We run off-site backups of your data every day.

How does this compare to Google Analytics?

Nucleus was designed with Python and desktop in mind. Include the module and it will just work. Google Analytics was created for the web and has lots of useless complexy for desktop apps, requires a little hacking to work and doesn't record offline activity.

Does tracking continue offline?

Yes. Usage and bugs data are cached on the client-side while waiting for an internet connection. As soon as the client connects, data is synced.

Nothing is appearing in the dashboard

The most common reason is if you added the module without the proper required variables. See the docs for more info. If you need help, contact us.

How can I report my app exceptions to Nucleus?

Simply use nucleus.track_error() in your catch statements. More details in the docs.

Is the module compatible with Python 2?

No, we made the choice to not support the version 2 of Python as its official support comes to end in 2020.

I'd like to see -name a feature- before jumping on the train

Contact us, we'll see what can be done.