Custom JSON payload

You can send a custom JSON payload to your app. It will be accessible using Nucleus.getCustomData().

This is useful if you want to serve data (ex: API keys) to your app without packaging it with the source code. Keep in mind that the data can still be accessed if someone inspects the source code of your app. It'll also be cached obfuscated on your user's computer.

Has to be a valid JSON object. You can validate it here.

Licenses Policies

Policies define the different types of licenses that your app offers.

ID Validity Version Machines allowed Price Action
basic always current 5 15 Update Delete
lifetime always all unlimited 39 Update Delete
Create a policy


Here you can manage licenses associated to your app.

License User email Policy Version Created Expire Actions
random_license1 [email protected] basic 2.8.1 2020-02-24 never Disable Delete
random_license1 [email protected] basic 2.8.0 2020-02-24 never Disable Delete
random_license3 [email protected] lifetime 2.8.0 2020-02-24 never Disable Delete
random_license4 [email protected] lifetime 2.8.1 2020-02-24 never Disable Delete

Manually create a license

License policy