Getting started

Getting started with Nucleus is very easy.

By following this short guide you will have the basic functionalities (analytics and bug reports) working in 5 minutes.

Sign up and create an app

Start by signing up on the platform.

Then, create your first app. Name it as you want, you can always change it later.

If you already have a version or an icon, you can edit the app to set those elements.


At your app root, run the following command to add the Nucleus module:

npm install electron-nucleus --save

Finally, enter the following piece of code in both your app's renderer and main process.

const Nucleus = require("electron-nucleus")("<Your App Id>")

Be sure to replace <Your App Id> with the id from the app you previously created.

That's it :)

Now, as soon as some data is recorded, you should be able to see it in your Nucleus dashboard.

If you need any help with the integration, let us know [email protected] :)