Electron analytics made easy

// Import the Nucleus Library and init with your app id
const Nucleus = require('electron-nucleus')('appid')

// Report an event

Visit GitHub for more information on using the module

Why Nucleus?

Gather precise statistics

Understand who is using your app and how. As they say, you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Designed for Electron

Use the Nucleus package to start tracking your app in 2 minutes with only an app id. It's that easy.

Crash reports

Don't be left in the dark when your application crash. Gather informations on why the crash occured.

Licensing (beta)

Nucleus can handle the licensing part of your app, so you don't have to roll your own solution.

Offline Support

Don't worry about users using your app offline, the data will be synced as soon as they connect.

Real time count

Want to know exactly how many persons are using your app right now? Now you can.

Open the demo to see all features and metrics.


Developer free 10 daily active users Unlimited apps 5 licenses 30 days data retention Sign Up
Hobby $ 9.00 / month 500 daily active users Unlimited apps 5 licenses Unlimited data retention Sign Up
Pro $ 19.00 / month Unlimited active users Unlimited apps Unlimited licenses Unlimited data retention Sign Up
Have an open-source project? Apply for a free hobby plan at hello@nucleus.sh

Decide for yourself

Give the demo a try

No sign-up needed


If I'm not happy, can I cancel my subscription?

Of course, you can cancel anytime if you are not satisfied.

What happens if I go over my account's limit?

A warning will show letting you a few days to upgrade.

Is my data safe with Nucleus?

Your account password is hashed and salted using bcrypt for optimal security. All communication between your app and Nucleus are done through https.

How does this compare to Google Analytics?

Contrary to Google Analytics, Nucleus was designed with Electron in mind. Include the module and it will just work. Google Analytics was created for websites thus offer a lot of useless complexy for desktop apps and requires a little hacking to make it work.

Does it work offline?

Yes. Analytics data is stored on the client-side while waiting for an internet connection. As soon as the client connects, data is synced.

How are the crashes detected and reported?

Using Electron's native crash reporter. You don't need to do anything, requiring Nucleus's library will automatically set it up.

I'd like to see -name a feature- before jumping on the train

Contact me, I'll see what can be done ;)